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FemiLift Beverly Hills

femilift beverly hills

What is a FemiLift?

Pregnancy, childbirth, age, and changes in hormone levels all affect the vagina and surrounding vulvar tissues.

Age and childbirth contribute to loss of vaginal firmness and elasticity that can result in decreased enjoyment and satisfaction with sexual intercourse.

These same factors contribute to loss of bladder and urethral tone and support, contributing to stress urinary incontinence.

Additionally, as estrogen levels decrease, there is increased vaginal dryness and thinning of the vaginal walls, resulting in vaginal discomfort and irritation.

FemiLift is a fractional CO2 laser therapy that gently resurfaces the lining of the vagina while also stimulating the deeper tissues of the vagina to increase collagen production.

The result is increased vaginal tone, increased vaginal volume and fullness, increased vaginal lubrication, and improvement in mild stress urinary incontinence.

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Who is a Candidate for a FemiLift?

You may want to consider FemiLift therapy if you have concerns about:

  • Loss of vaginal tone and elasticity resulting in decreased sexual enjoyment and satisfaction
  • Loss of vaginal lubrication resulting in vaginal dryness and irritation
  • Mild stress urinary incontinence that occurs with laughing, jumping, or sneezing
  • Want to avoid surgical options like labiaplasty

Women with significant pelvic floor laxity or urinary incontinence are not good candidates for FemiLift, and would be better served with surgical procedures.

How is a FemiLift Performed?

FemiLift is performed in the office by Dr. Rovelo.

A specially designed intra-vaginal probe is used to administer the laser therapy.

No topical anesthetic is required and most patients report minimal discomfort.

The whole procedure takes about 15 minutes to perform.

A total of 3 treatments performed over 12 weeks is required for optimal effect, and usually a single maintenance “touch-up” is performed after a year.

The newly created collagen is permanent, and is affected only by the natural aging process. For this reason, outcomes are long-lasting and very effective.

FemiLift Risks

The risks of a FemiLift procedure are minimal and best results occur in appropriately selected patients.

Prior to your procedures, you will have a consultation with Dr.Rovelo to discuss your specific goals and desires, and to discuss how risks can be minimized to provide the best possible outcome.

FemiLift Recovery

FemiLift is performed in the office and patients may go home immediately after.

There is minimal discomfort noticed post-procedure.

Patients may return to exercise after 24 hours and sexual activity after 72 hours.

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