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Scar Revision Beverly Hills

scar revision beverly hills

What is a Scar Revision in Beverly Hills?

Scars are the result of injury to the skin.

Injuries can be the result of previous surgery, trauma, burns, or delayed wound healing.

Scars that are unsightly and of concern to the patient can be revised for reduced visibility.

Who is a Candidate for a Beverly Hills Scar Revision?

You may want to consider a scar revision with Dr. Rovelo if you have:

  • Scars that are visible and that cause you embarrassment
  • Scars that are raised, widened, or discolored
  • Scars that itch or are painful

Are you ready to learn more about a scar revision with Dr. Rovelo?

How is a Scar Revision Performed?

Depending on the size and location of the scar, the scar may be able to be revised under local anesthesia.

The previous scar is removed in its entirety and the resulting defect is meticulously closed.

Post-operative attention to wound healing is of paramount importance to ensure that the scar heals well.

Adjunctive measures to assist with healing include the use of silicone sheeting, mandatory sunscreen use, and steroid injections as needed.

Together, all of these precautions will ensure that the new scar heals under optimal conditions.

If you are looking for the best plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills, book an appointment with Dr. Rovelo to see how she can help you with scar revision.

Scar Revision Risks

All procedures are associated with risks.

The main risk of scar revision is that the new scar will become symptomatic or unsightly, as well.

Each person has an intrinsic way of healing and forming scars, and some patients are more prone to excess scarring than others.

However, with careful attention to closure and post-operative wound management, patients will be able to have a marked improvement in the appearance of their scars.

It is important to talk with Dr. Rovelo about the risks of your procedure and how the risks can be minimized to provide the best possible outcome.

Scar Revision Recovery

Scar revision is performed under local anesthesia and patients can go home the same day.

Patients will be followed regularly in the clinic to ensure that wound healing is progressing as planned.

Any deviation from ideal wound healing will be promptly identified and addressed.

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