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Labiaplasty Beverly Hills

labiaplasty beverly hills

What is a Labiaplasty in Beverly Hills?

The vulva is home to all of the external female genitalia.

This includes the mons pubis, labia majora, labia minora, clitoris, urethral opening, and vaginal introitus.

Functional and aesthetic concerns of this area are the result of pregnancy, aging, weight loss, genetics, and hormone changes.

There are a variety of body surgical options available to address concerns in this region.

These procedures can be performed on their own, or in combination with other procedures.

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Who is a Candidate for a Beverly Hills Labiaplasty?

You may want to consider vaginal rejuvenation if you have:

  • Elongated labia minora that cause pain or discomfort with intercourse or exercise, or that make wearing underwear uncomfortable
  • Elongated labia minora that create embarrassment due to their visibility in tight pants or exercise garments
  • Excess clitoral hooding that prevents direct clitoral stimulation
  • Concerns regarding the overall aesthetic appearance of either the labia minora, labia majora, or mons pubis

How is Vaginal Rejuvenation Performed?

The type of vaginal surgery performed by Dr. Rovelo is dependent on the individual needs of the patient.

For women whose primary concern is the enlargement of the labia minora, various labia reduction techniques are available to reduce the size of the labia minora.

These procedures involve incisions that are easily hidden and preserve the natural appearance of the labia.

For patients with a history of massive weight loss, excess skin of the labia majora can be carefully excised.

For patients concerned about volume loss of the labia majora, fat grafting can be performed to restore fullness and volume.

For patients with excess clitoral hooding preventing the clitoris from being directly stimulated, a clitoral hood reduction is performed for better exposure of the clitoris.

All of the above procedures can be combined with additional non-invasive techniques of vaginal rejuvenation.

On your initial consultation with Dr. Rovelo, she will discuss your concerns and perform a careful examination.

An individualized plan combining surgical and non-invasive techniques will be created to help you achieve your goals of body confidence and sexual satisfaction.

Labiaplasty Risks

All surgery is associated with risks. Risks associated with vaginal rejuvenation include unfavorable scarring, changes in sensation, asymmetry, and need for revisional procedures.

It is important to talk with Dr. Rovelo about the risks of your surgery and how the risks can be minimized to provide the best possible outcome.

Labiaplasty Recovery

Female genital rejuvenation procedures are performed in an outpatient surgical setting, under local or general anesthesia.

Procedure takes 1-2 hours and patients will go home the same day.

Most patients are able to return to daily activities and work after several days.

Patients should refrain from strenuous activity or sexual intercourse for a full 6 weeks to allow for optimal healing and recovery.

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